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Reviews & Feedback

Here's what others are saying about our people

“I have worked with a lot of generator people throughout my 30 plus years with Motorola and you are by far the finest I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Your knowledge and skill are at the highest level I have ever seen, you serve as a tremendous credit to the entire generator service profession as a whole.”

– Gene McCurry, Motorola

"Powersmith has always been my generator service provider of choice. During Hurricane Katrina our generator and Powersmith's reputation was put to the test. We were on generator power for over two weeks without any issues.


We trust our lives with the great team of people of Powersmith"

– Mark Jenkins

“Powersmith has served as a tremendous asset for us. They not only helped us out of a big jam but gave us the training so we wouldn’t  get in that situation again. We continue to grow and become better because of the training we receive from Powersmith. 

Thanks, Powersmith!”

– James Goodall, JG Generator Service

Happy Businessman

"In my business, I can't rely on just anyone to keep my temporary power going. I trust Powersmith because, just like they promise, they're reliable."

Greg Stanworth, Construction Engineering 

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