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Harmonics and their effects on your backup power

Did you know?

Harmonics are in every electrical system, everywhere. They're even in your backup power's electrical system, and they can cause unexpected problems during critical operation of your backup generator, such as:

•Nuisance tripping of circuit breakers

•Reduced system capacity / interruptions
•Excessive heating of entire electrical system
•Transformer overheating and failure
•Generator/Motor winding burns & hunting causing total system failure
•Neutral overloading failure
•EMI (electromagnetic interference) to sensitive electronic signals

[very common in some UPS' (uninterruptible power supply)

which may result in UPS failure during critical operations]

Powersmith can help mitigate these problems and even eliminate failures resulting from excessive harmonics! We have the resources and knowledge to provide you with a detailed analysis of your backup power system. We even provide you with important recommendations to ensure you don't experience failures from excessive harmonics. 


EEE 519- standards for harmonics.


Since our founding, we have been one of the most trusted names in the industry. Our electrical testing complies with NETA, NFPA, and IEEE standards, which the industry has come to know and trust. These are just a few of the electrical testing services we offer. Contact us for your specific needs.

Thermographic Scanning, 
Generator/Motor Testing, Insulation Resistance Testing- 
Polarization Index (PI) Testing, 
Dielectric Absorption Testing, High Potential (Hi-Pot) Testing, 
Transformer Turn Ratio (TTR) testing,
Switch Gear Testing,
Low/Medium voltage, 
Ductor Testing, 
Generator parallel/ load share testing,

Power Quality / Harmonic Testing and more

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Thermoscan(thermal image camera), Industrial equipment used for checking the internal temp
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