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Why should you choose Powersmith to be your service provider?

You should choose Powersmith because we only do generators and any associated equipment, such as transfer switches. What that means is, we're not an electrical contractor, we're not an HVAC contractor, we're not a plumbing contractor, we're a generator company with certified generator techs, and generators is what we specialize in. You wouldn't trust a plumber to work on your car, would you? Of course not! You would only trust a certified automotive technician to work on your car. So why trust an electrician, an HVAC tech, or even a plumber to work on your generator? That doesn't make sense. They specialize in other things. It's in their name. They don't specialize in generators!

Did you know, hospitals, assisted living and nursing homes, data centers, fire and police, hotels, and other critical businesses only use certified generator techs to work on their equipment? That's because they need dependable back up power and they can't take chances with an electrician or a plumber working on their emergency backup power system. They need a specialist, a generator technician.  So why should you allow an HVAC tech, a plumber, or electrician to work on your emergency backup generator? Don't you deserve the same level of care these critical businesses get everyday? Don't you deserve a certified generator tech from a certified generator company? YES! You deserve that same level of service; and, you can have it with Powersmith!

Powersmith not only works harder than our competition to ensure you're never in the dark, we are the only company with all certified and trained technicians, known as powersmiths. Our name says it all! Powersmith is known as the generator "Reliability Experts" because we believe in a commitment to serve our valued customers, providing them with the best, most uncompromising generator service in the business. This continues to make Powersmith a trusted name in Power Generation Service for almost 30  years.       



Here's Our Story

Once there were professionals who used their skills and training to build with pride the needed and much desired tools and equipment that has built this country into what it is today. These professionals were known as Blacksmiths; they were known for their dedication, experience and talent. 

Today, that same type of commitment drives Powersmith. We are known for our professional, uncompromising work, work that’s above and beyond all other competition, regardless of what they may like you to think. 
Powersmith was formed in Harvey Louisiana, in late 1995 after its founder, John Smith, realized the company he was working for wasn’t interested in his customer’s needs. He decided to form Powersmith, with the goal of true comprehensive, customer service. Powersmith was built on that dedication to customer service and has now expanded its operation to include Texas. 

Fact: An educated customer will always pick Powersmith over the competition. That's, not only because Powersmith educates its customers through our customer portal and with our training program, but more importantly, an educated customer knows if their service provider is servicing their equipment to be reliable or just changing oil. Anyone can change the oil in your generator engine but only a powersmith technician can service it to be reliable. Shouldn't you chose Powersmith?

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